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Yes-tember! The ninth, and some say finest, month arrives in Spain

September is a good month in which to explore parts of the Costa del Sol you may have missed.

September is a good month in which to explore parts of the Costa del Sol you may have missed.

#AutumnIsComing – a trending hashtag on Twitter at this time of year, tapped with trepidation on to the screens of social media users right across Europe, aghast that their long, lazy summer of beach cocktails, rooftop parties and summer dresses is to come to an end at the stroke of midnight on August 31…

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Spain 2013: a year in review

Will 2014 bring as much positivity to Spain as 2013 has?

It’s that time of year again when thoughts turn to what the next 12 months will hold. But it’s also a time to glance forlornly at the dog-eared Christmas tree and extra inches around your waist, to fret about whether the January sales really are worth the effort when it’s raining outside and that film you’ve been meaning to catch is on the box at 11am, and to start asking friends what they’re doing for New Year in the vague hope that they’re hosting a gathering, “nothing too big” and “would you like to come?”

And yes, it’s also the time of year to recap on the past 12 months; to look back at the highs and the lows – an especially rewarding ritual should 2013 have been a good year for you… Continue Reading

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How to enjoy Autumn on the Coast: In five easy steps

Marbella's landmark La Concha mountain

There's more to the Costa del Sol than sea and sun... and Autumn's the best time to discover it

So October’s here and summer is, if not officially then at least psychologically, over. If this was your first summer on the Costa del Sol, or even if you’re a, ahem, seasoned campaigner, it pays to know what to expect in the coming months.

Which means rainy, blustery days? Don’t bet on it.

Autumn on the Costa del Sol is actually rather lovely, and here are five ways to make the most of it… Continue Reading

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