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Spanish expats in UK contribute £802 million to British economy

While Spaniards living in Britain may not love the rain, there is much about the country they do enjoy.

While Spaniards living in Britain may not love the rain, there is much about the country they do enjoy.

The enduring love affair between Spain and the UK – the occasional Gibraltar-themed spats aside – should serve as a reminder to those who wish to paint a picture of a divided Europe that even countries as ‘different’ as Britain and Spain share a great deal of love, respect and admiration for one another…

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Controversial 15-year expat voting restrictions to be lifted by 2020


By the 2020 election, Brits who live abroad can register to vote… even if they have resided overseas for more than 15 years.

It may have come a few months too late to save the UK from a possible Brexit, but the British government has finally confirmed that it is to scrap the 15-year rule that bars long-term expats from voting in general elections and national referendums in the UK…

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15-year-rule to remain as Whitehall blocks change to Expat voting rights


Long-term British expats hoping to be able to vote in UK general elections look set to be disappointed as Whitehall appears to have rejected the idea to change the 15-year law.

The pledge by former British Prime Minister David Cameron to scrap the controversial 15-year-rule barring long-term British expats from voting in UK general elections looks to have been overturned by the new government…

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British expats: three reasons to be cheerful


British expats who live in and love Spain should not feel overly worried by the recent Brexit decision.

The shockwaves being felt around the world at the Brexit vote have been seismic. But one group of people perhaps have more reasons than most to feel apprehensive about the implications of the Leave vote: British expats in Spain.

After all, many of the hundreds of thousands of Brits who enjoy their life in Spain do so under the proviso that they are EU citizens and, as such, have every right to live wherever they want in Spain provided they are law abiding and respectful.

The Brexit decision does, at first glance, appear to cast doubts over this harmonious arrangement, at least in the longer-term. But while British politics continues to go into meltdown over what happens next, the EU has already begun softening its stance on how to deal with the UK.

Further voices of support are being heard within individual nations, with Spain’s Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy among the first to call for calm. So bearing all of this in mind – and fully aware that it is too early to tell really what is going to happen – here are three reasons for Brits in Spain to be optimistic this week…

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Brits abroad getting the message as electoral registrations soar


The number of Brits abroad registered to vote has grown by 80,000 in the past two months as the EU referendum looms.

It is a lament repeated almost as often as the tired old cliché that Brits abroad never learn the local language: the myth that no Brit who lives overseas is interested in voting in UK elections.

However, new figures from the Electoral Commission have shown that the message that Brits abroad can and should have their say in UK matters is finally getting through…

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Majority of Brit expats planning to vote to remain in EU, survey finds


67% of British expats polled said that they plan to vote to remain in the EU.

A survey by English-language newspaper The Local has found that the majority of British expats in Europe plan to vote to remain in the European Union (EU) in the forthcoming referendum…

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Exact number of Brits in Spain still unknown


Many Brits who own a holiday home in Spain do not live there permanently, but do spend a large portion of the year in Spain.

Is it two million? More? Less? Maybe 750,000? The exact number of Brits who live in Spain remains unknown, official sources have said, largely because of the difficulty in registering and recording who lives where, and for how long.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn last week claimed that there were “nearly three-quarters of a million British people living in Spain” when he waded into the EU Referendum debate…

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Expat life delivers wealth, health and happiness, finds survey


Expats typically enjoy a life that is healthier, happier and richer than those who have never moved abroad.

Moving to another country is extremely beneficial to a person’s wealth, health and happiness, a new survey by international relocations company MoveHub has found.

In polling 1,000 people from the UK and Ireland – half of whom had previously lived abroad or were current expats, and half of whom who had never made the move – the survey found that 69% of those who had experience of expat life rated their health as good or very good. In contrast, only 58% of those who had only ever lived in their country of birth said likewise…

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Living abroad leads to ‘enlightened nationalism’, study finds

Life's a beach for retirees who plan their move to Spain carefully.

You move abroad, you learn to love your new land… and appreciate the home you left behind.

Travel broadens the mind – that little sound-bite has served people well over the centuries, and is as accurate today as it has always been. But as the world becomes a little more fluid, with more and more people moving overseas for work and leisure than ever before, a new study has revealed something interesting about the psyches of those who do make the move…

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Where is the love? Study shows where Brits are most welcome


Ampilot’s map of Europe shows that the further east one goes, the less friendly towards Brits the continent becomes.

Brits abroad get a bad rap. Despite the millions of euros they pour into many of the continent’s most popular (read, most popular with Brits) destinations, in a lot of places they are at best tolerated, at worst openly despised.

So runs the rhetoric, anyway

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