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Black Friday buying to out-do December


Black Friday bargains will be enjoyed by even more Spaniards this year, according to Deloitte.

Black Friday, the term adopted by online and high street retailers to denote a 24-hour flash sale on the last Friday of November, has had a very successful trial period in Spain over the last few years. And as this year’s Black Friday approaches (it’s in the calendar for this Friday 23rd November), financial consultants Deloitte report that its appeal and commercial success will go from strength to strength…

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Three Kings Procession to light up the Costa del Sol

Cabalgata Reyes

A scene from the Three Kings Procession, where expats can expect an enjoyable, family-friendly evening.

For many of us, the euphoria and over-indulgences of Christmas are well and truly over and the excesses of New Year’s Eve have prompted us to put our best foot forward and enact our New Year’s Resolutions for 2018…

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El Gordo is back, and this time it’s worth €2.3 billion

Lottery fever grips Spain every year, and this year's prize pool is a massive €2.3 billion.

Lottery fever grips Spain every year, and this year’s prize pool is a massive €2.3 billion.

The biggest lottery prize in the world returns today in the form of Spain’s El Gordo (The Fat One), and this year’s prize pool is a massive €2.3 billion.

As is tradition, most of Spain will have purchased lottery tickets in the hope of winning a share of the biggest prize, with the draw due to take place on December 22 – just in time to make many lucky Spaniards very happy, and very rich, before Christmas

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Three cool ways to see in New Year, Spain style

The festivities come and thick and fast this time of year, which suits Spain just fine.

The festivities come thick and fast this time of year, which suits Spain just fine.

Yes, we know it is not even Christmas yet, but as the Festive Season cranks into gear, it can be easy to put off making a decision about New Year’s Eve until, well… until it’s too late and it’s just you, the TV and the distant sound of people having fun for company…

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Hey big Spanish Christmas spender!


Christmas shoppers on Málaga city’s landmark Calle Larios in 2015.

According to a new survey just published by Deloitte, Spaniards will be forking out an average of €682 on Christmas this year, which is a whopping 30% more than the EU average, and also puts them in 2nd place in Europe after the Danes who are forecast to shell out around €689 per head this festive season…

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Spain’s very own Juan Lewis: the lottery’s tear-jerker Christmas ad revealed

The Spanish lottery's Christmas advert follows in the recently trodden footsteps of John Lewis.

The Spanish lottery’s Christmas advert follows in the recently trodden footsteps of John Lewis.

The Christmas countdown used to be a slug of tasteless advent calendar chocolates, increasingly panicked shopping and learning to survive at work on three hours’ sleep and a bellyful of mulled wine from the night before.

Now, while that all remains true, you have to add the John Lewis Christmas advert to the mix

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Spaniards’ early Christmas present: a THIRD general election?


Third time’s a charm: Spaniards may have to go back to the polls on Christmas Day.

High farce left the building weeks ago. This is now in the realm of the truly bizarre: it is looking increasingly likely that Spaniards will have to go to the polls for a third time in the space of a year to vote through the general election first held on December 20 last year – and the next vote is probably going to fall on Christmas Day…

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Spain gears up for much-loved Three Kings celebrations


A time for giving: Three Kings Day is a hotly anticipated date on the calendar for Spanish children.

Christmas and its attendant festivities may be over for much of Europe this week, but Spaniards – and Spanish children in particular – still have one more celebration to look forward to: the much-loved El Dia de los Reyes, or Three Kings Day, on January 6…

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Brits still the biggest Xmas spenders, poll finds


The British festive spirit is most exemplified in the rush to splash the cash – Brits spend more than any other nation at Christmas time.

When it comes to spending at Christmas, Britons are world-beaters. From the hustle of London’s Oxford Street in December to the silent click, click, pay online ritual played out in lounges and bedrooms across the land in the run up to the big day, Britons spend more per individual than any other of the world’s 15 most developed, Christmas-celebrating nations…

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Spanish lottery’s Christmas advert “doing a John Lewis”

Asda Christmas advert, 2013

Yes, we’re sorry. But Christmas IS coming.

It was way back in 2011 when this all began. Sure, the run up to the Christmas period has always been a fertile breeding ground for the world’s big retailers to stretch their budgets and brains on advertising campaigns, but in 2011 John Lewis raised the bar by eschewing the festive glitz and going straight for the heartstrings – and it worked. Really, really well

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