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Málaga’s Christmas Lights Switched on This Evening


The view you can expect to see at tonight’s switching-on ceremony and every day from now until “Three Kings Day” on 6th January.

If you have been listening closely, the looped nineties background music in department stores and supermarkets has been relegated to the shelves for the next month or so, making way for seasonal compilations of catchy Christmas songs. That is usually the first sign that Christmas is on its way…

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Four ways to enjoy winter in Spain

Spain's mountainous peaks see snow every winter, meaning you can enjoy a very different slice of Spain.

Spain’s mountainous peaks see snow every winter, meaning you can enjoy a very different slice of Spain.

It took a while to get here – especially during a sweltering October and an unseasonably mild and dry November – but, with the onset of December, winter has truly arrived in Spain.

Unlike most of its European neighbours, Spaniards do not have to suffer through endless grey skies, sub-zero temperatures and a depressing lack of daylight. Instead, the winter season in Spain is a curious time of year, where many of the nation’s more peculiar idiosyncrasies come to the fore.

So if you want to enjoy Spain’s brief but unique winter, here are four easy steps to take to blend in…

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Jorge’s images: Light therapy… Christmas 2016 in Málaga


Yep, it’s that time of year again… and to celebrate the imminent arrival of the festive season, Málaga – the enchanting capital of the Costa del Sol – turned on its world-famous Christmas lights in Calle Larios on 24 November, and VIVA photographer Jorge Morales was there on the dot to capture the stunning switching-on ceremony and share it with you! The illuminations are on from 6.30pm until 2am every night until 6 January 2017, and there’s a brief but totally mesmerising sound and light show daily at 6.30pm and 9.30pm which you absolutely won’t want to miss…

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Photographer:Carolyn Mowlem 15/12/2016 [0] Comments 

Expats increasingly reliant on online shopping at Christmas time

The Internet has revolutionised how expats and families with relatives overseas shop

For years now, relatives who reside overseas have been unable to use the “lost in the post” excuse for missing birthdays or scrimping on Christmas spending.

Ever since Amazon swept into our collective consciousness, browsing and buying from the comfort of one’s home has revolutionised the way we shop, particularly those who either live overseas or who have relatives who live away from the UK. It has also meant that there is now no excuse not to send a little gift to a loved one far away…

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Jorge's images: Let there be light... It's Christmas in Málaga!

As if Málaga didn’t shine brightly enough the rest of the year, on Friday 29 November 2013 the city found itself once again flooded in its famous Christmas lights. Possibly the best year yet, check out the unmissable festive display, courtesy of VIVA’s very own photographer, Jorge Morales as he explored the city on the Paseo del Parque, Alameda Principal and Calle Marqués de Larios. It is well worth seeing these stunning illuminations (on from 6:30pm everyday) to view this gorgeous city in a whole new light (literally)!

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Photographer:Holly Purnell 04/12/2013 [5] Comments 

Featured images December 2012: Marbella lights up for Christmas!


If you’ve never spent Christmas on the Costa del Sol – and there’s still time to put that right if you’re quick! – then you don’t know what you’ve been missing. So, we thought it would be kind of cool to show you Marbella in a new light… as the resort gets all dressed up in its festive finery. Join us on our unique sightseeing ‘tour’ of Marbella’s landmark Old Town, Avenida Ramón y Cajal and Parque de la Alameda – courtesy of VIVA’s own in-house photographer Jorge Morales – and guaranteed to get you into the Christmas spirit!

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Photographer:Carolyn Mowlem 12/12/2012 [3] Comments 
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