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Mortgage approval rates hit seven-year high in Spain

Close to 30% more mortgages were granted in August this year compared to last, building upon already strong growth in the sector.

Close to 30% more mortgages were granted in August this year compared to last, building upon already strong growth in the sector.

The month of August saw 26,583 new mortgages approved in Spain – the highest monthly figure since 2010, and a massive 29.1% increase on the same month last year.

The incessant upward trajectory of the Spanish property market has been evident in a series of data across the board all year. From the number of sales transactions, to prices, to regional growth and a positive outlook, Spanish real estate is in rude health

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John, Dave, Sue and Margaret – British expat names most popular in Spain

If you live in Spain, chances are you know a John, Dave, Sue or Margaret.

There are some obscure studies out there in the world of ‘Market Research’, but a recent one looking into the most popular names among Spain’s expat population must surely rank up there as one of the oddest…

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Barcelona costliest Spanish city for tourists

Barcelona’s beauty, vibe and unique architecture comes at a price

The most expensive place for tourists to visit in Spain is Barcelona, according to a recent study by travel website TripAdvisor.

The online poll assessed 52 Spanish locations, ranking each destination on costs likely to be incurred by the average tourist, such as a night at a four-star hotel, cocktails for two, a two-course dinner with wine, taxi fares and general entertainment…

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The little-known reasons why Spain might NOT be for you

A lovely image of Spanish life... but would YOU feel comfortable sat at that table?

There’s a brilliant article on the Guardian titled: ‘Want to move to Australia? Be warned – it’s not hot Britain’, which outlines the reasons why hundreds of Brits every year are disappointed with their move Down Under.

Which got me thinking. Our industry spends pretty much every waking hour working on ways to make Spain your dream destination. We write about its brilliant weather, its wonderful lifestyle, its array of affordable properties and the many opportunities it offers for a fun and fulfilling family life.

But sometimes, even when all the pieces are in place, Spain just won’t work out for you. Now, while I can feel my editor breathing down my neck as I write this, bear with me – Spain might not be for you after all…

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