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Madrid security rating soars as Spain boasts two of Europe’s safest cities

Madrid and Barcelona offer excellent levels of personal, infrastructural and digital safety, the study found.

Madrid and Barcelona offer excellent levels of personal, infrastructural and digital safety, the study found.

Despite the recent terrorist attack on Barcelona’s Las Ramblas, Spain’s two largest cities have ranked among some of the safest in Europe in the latest Safe Cities Index 2017, compiled by the Economist Intelligence Unit…

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Want a great work-life balance? Then head to Spain

If you want to be healthy, happy and professionally content, then head to Spain.

There are many Brits who live on the Costa del Sol who never intended for their extended holiday to turn into a decade-long spell in Spain. Those early, carefree days of life in Spain can stretch out across the long and languid summer like the calm seas of the glistening Mediterranean, but there is always that nagging voice inside saying “this will not – cannot – last!”

But while expats who treat life on the Costa del Sol as one long, sun-kissed holiday are in for a shock, those prepared to balance living life with knuckling down will find that Spain is actually one of the best places in the world to strike the right balance…

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Spain one of world’s best places to be a mother

Keep mum: mothers in Spain live in a safe, supportive and fair society.

It’s not Spain’s proclivity for stretchy trousers that makes the country a great place in which to be a mother (although that curious fashion trend probably helps a little), but rather its excellent maternal healthcare, formal education and equal society that comes up trumps

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Spain’s Golden Visa scheme attracts 530 applicants

A luxury home AND the right to reside in Spain? The Golden Visa is an attractive scheme for many

Since its launch 15 months ago, Spain’s Golden Visa scheme – introduced to attract wealthy non-EU investors to the country’s property market – has so far registered 530 applicants.

The Visa scheme grants automatic residence and working rights in Spain to individuals who spend more than €500,000 on property in Spain. Such an investment can be spread across a portfolio of properties, and investors can include their family, dependants and unmarried partners in the visa – an added attraction that has evidently appealed to a large handful of Chinese, Russian and Arab investors…

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