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Brilliant news for Spain economy as number of jobless falls 180,000

The jobless queues are much shorter now in Spain as the economy enjoys some of the best growth in the EU.

The jobless queues are much shorter now in Spain as the economy enjoys some of the best growth in the EU.

A total of 182,600 new jobs were made in Spain in the third quarter of the year between July 1 and September 30, reducing the percentage of people out of work by 4.66%, and bringing the country’s total jobless figure down to 3.73 million – the lowest it has been since 2008…

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Spain sees largest fall in unemployment in 20 years


Around two-thirds of jobs added in June are temporary positions, but a rising percentage are open-ended, data has revealed.

The mini job boom that arrives in Spain every summer has done so with a vengeance this year as data shows that the country added close to 84,000 new employees on to social security in June – the biggest single fall in unemployment since 1997…

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Expats in Spain sent $10bn back home last year

Money makes the world go round… and expats are sending a lot of it back home.

Spain’s economy has long been powered in part by the millions of non-Spaniards who work in the country to enjoy its varied industry, EU protections and excellent lifestyle.

But data recently published by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) has revealed that some of the country’s internal wealth is finding its way to foreign countries by migrant workers sending money home to family.

In 2014, the IFAD calculates that $9.6 billion (€8.6 billion) was sent by migrant workers overseas, putting the country near to the top of the charts when it comes to redistributing cash and capital around the world…

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Want a great work-life balance? Then head to Spain

If you want to be healthy, happy and professionally content, then head to Spain.

There are many Brits who live on the Costa del Sol who never intended for their extended holiday to turn into a decade-long spell in Spain. Those early, carefree days of life in Spain can stretch out across the long and languid summer like the calm seas of the glistening Mediterranean, but there is always that nagging voice inside saying “this will not – cannot – last!”

But while expats who treat life on the Costa del Sol as one long, sun-kissed holiday are in for a shock, those prepared to balance living life with knuckling down will find that Spain is actually one of the best places in the world to strike the right balance…

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Employment in Spain’s property sector set to soar

Jobs in the Spanish real estate sector are predicted to rise sharply in the coming years.

The growing importance of the Spanish property market to the country’s economic recovery has been laid bare by consultant firm KPMG, which expects jobs in the sector to account for 10 per cent of Spain’s workforce by 2020…

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