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Spanish property market records 11% sales increase in September

September's stats brought yet more proof that the country's property market is in rude health.

September’s stats brought yet more proof that the country’s property market is in rude health.

The monthly data published by Spain’s National Statistics Institute (INE) has, for the past few years, been hotly anticipated by the Spanish property market largely because it has served as a monthly reminder of the positivity and growth inherent in the sector…

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New market value data points to 4.3% price rise for Spanish property in October

Spanish home values are approximately 4% higher at the moment compared to the same period last year.

Spanish home values are approximately 4% higher at the moment compared to the same period last year.

New data by Spanish property valuation firm Tinsa has revealed that the average price of a property in Spain was 4.3% higher in October this year compared to the same month in 2016.

These stats are for the entire country, and as ever there are regional variations that are noteworthy, not least the 6.4% increase seen in provincial capitals and large cities such as Madrid, Barcelona and Málaga…

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92% of expats in Spain satisfied with life, poll finds


Overall, Spain offers a very warm, friendly, safe and satisfying life for expats, the survey found.

The latest InterNations Expat Insider 2016 survey has found that almost all of the expats who live in Spain are overall satisfied with their life there.

The annual poll, released this week, revealed that Spain’s major attractions – its warmth, its landscape, its family-friendly atmosphere and its accessibility – were the main reasons why expats moved to, and subsequently settled in, the country…

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British expats: three reasons to be cheerful


British expats who live in and love Spain should not feel overly worried by the recent Brexit decision.

The shockwaves being felt around the world at the Brexit vote have been seismic. But one group of people perhaps have more reasons than most to feel apprehensive about the implications of the Leave vote: British expats in Spain.

After all, many of the hundreds of thousands of Brits who enjoy their life in Spain do so under the proviso that they are EU citizens and, as such, have every right to live wherever they want in Spain provided they are law abiding and respectful.

The Brexit decision does, at first glance, appear to cast doubts over this harmonious arrangement, at least in the longer-term. But while British politics continues to go into meltdown over what happens next, the EU has already begun softening its stance on how to deal with the UK.

Further voices of support are being heard within individual nations, with Spain’s Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy among the first to call for calm. So bearing all of this in mind – and fully aware that it is too early to tell really what is going to happen – here are three reasons for Brits in Spain to be optimistic this week…

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David Cameron urges expats to vote to stay in the EU


The benefits of the EU for British expats are “certain if we stay, uncertain if we leave”, said UK Prime Minister David Cameron this week. Photo: Jack Taylor/Getty Pool

Rather aptly speaking at the headquarters of easyJet in Luton, British Prime Minister David Cameron yesterday called on those British expats eligible to vote in next month’s EU Referendum to vote to remain in the EU to be certain of their rights to continue living abroad…

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Expat Brit pensioners could be £50k worse off in event of Brexit


Brits who retire in another EU country receive the same incremental pension increases as they would if they remained in the UK. A post-Brexit landscape could look very different, however.

The current “triple-lock” pension agreement whereby British pensioners who have retired abroad in the EU see their pensions increase along with annual inflation could be a thing of the past if the UK exits the European Union, experts have warned…

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Five ways Spain changes you


From informal dining to much more human interaction, are you ready for how Spain will change you?

You’ll be tanned, relaxed, happy and not a little smug after you move to Spain, but there are five other ways that life in the country changes you – and sometimes you don’t even know it.

1. Your hand signals

There is no universal hand signal for “fancy a drink?”, but the British way of doing it – imaginary pint in hand, tilted towards the mouth a couple of times – doesn’t translate in Spain. In fact, that signal looks a lot closer to how Spaniards signal that they want food.

Nope, in Spain you cock your little finger and thumb outwards, and ‘tip’ your thumb into your lips. And yes, you will be doing it pretty much immediately because…

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EU plans to lift digital borders in Europe


The EU is hoping to lift Europe’s digital borders by 2017, which would make it easier to view British TV online from anywhere.

The European Commission has announced plans to lift the digital borders in Europe that currently makes streaming services such as Netflix and the BBC’s iPlayer inaccessible in foreign countries.

If the borders are banished it would mean millions of Brits who either travel or live elsewhere in Europe will be able to catch up on their favourite BBC, ITV and Channel 4 shows via each respective channel’s online and on-demand services

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Meet Marc Elliott: "Being able to communicate well with lenders and clients is essential to this business."

Marc Elliott of Fluent Finance Abroad and his partner Kelly

Marc Elliott of Fluent Finance Abroad and his partner Kelly

Marc Elliott is the British expat and brains behind Fluent Finance Abroad, the mortgage specialists based in San Pedro de Alcántara, Marbella. Providing clients with the most appropriate form of finance to purchase their dream home abroad, Marc – being half Spanish – has taken to life on the Costa del Sol like the proverbial duck to water. When he’s not hard at work sorting out people’s mortgages, Marc can be found relaxing on the beaches of Conil in Cádiz or occasionally belting out some top tunes in a karaoke bar…

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Where is the love? Study shows where Brits are most welcome


Ampilot’s map of Europe shows that the further east one goes, the less friendly towards Brits the continent becomes.

Brits abroad get a bad rap. Despite the millions of euros they pour into many of the continent’s most popular (read, most popular with Brits) destinations, in a lot of places they are at best tolerated, at worst openly despised.

So runs the rhetoric, anyway

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