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Málaga’s Christmas Lights Switched on This Evening


The view you can expect to see at tonight’s switching-on ceremony and every day from now until “Three Kings Day” on 6th January.

If you have been listening closely, the looped nineties background music in department stores and supermarkets has been relegated to the shelves for the next month or so, making way for seasonal compilations of catchy Christmas songs. That is usually the first sign that Christmas is on its way…

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Where is the world’s coolest neighbourhood?


One of the reasons why Lavapiés (in the Embajadores district of Madrid) is considered to be the most colourful, quirkiest and best place to visit in 2018.

Today’s blog title may sound a little cryptic – indeed the very concept of “cool” is certainly subjective – but Time Out magazine has indeed compiled a list of the world’s 50 coolest neighbourhoods to visit, and the results are rather surprising…

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Why you should do Málaga’s Caminito del Rey if you haven’t already done so


The Caminito del Rey is one of Málaga province’s hidden gems and well worth a visit this summer.

Málaga province is home to a whole wealth of hidden treasures, from the aesthetically beautiful – white villages sunk into imposing hillsides, ancient cave formations and stunning stretches of coastline – to curious local gastronomy and unique customs, festivals and celebrations, amongst many other things…

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White Night 2018 in Málaga: celebrating women’s contribution to art and culture


Enjoying Málaga’s plentiful places of interest after dark is the name of the game at Noche en Blanco, or White Night, which is held this Saturday.

“Female muses and creators” is the tagline for this year’s Noche en Blanco – or White Night – which takes place this Saturday night between 8pm and 2am

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Málaga: Spain’s most liveable city, according to poll

The capital of the Costa del Sol offers excellent life satisfaction for Spaniards and foreigners alike

Life satisfaction in the largest city on the Costa del Sol is the highest among all Spanish cities, according to data published in a recent poll.

A research group from the European Commission called Urban Audit found that Málaga offers the best quality of life among Spanish cities – and one of the highest in Europe…

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Málaga residents among most satisfied in the EU

The stunning city of Malaga is a great place to live, say the locals

A new EU study ranking the wellness and satisfaction of the continent’s city dwellers has found that residents of Málaga are the fourth-most satisfied citizens in Europe.

The EU study asked 40,000 residents from 79 EU cities for their opinion on everything from healthcare, environment, safety and leisure facilities, giving each city a score out of 100. Málaga achieved a respectable score of 96, placing fourth behind Aalborg in Denmark (which scored 99), Hamburg in Germany (98) and Copenhagen, Groningen, Oslo and Zurich, all tied on 97… Continue Reading

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Mirror, Mirror on the ball... about Málaga

Málaga city at dusk

Málaga's stunning skyline is sure to captivate all who see it

Described as an ‘overlooked Spanish city’, the Mirror newspaper – the third-biggest selling daily in the UK – has written a gushing eulogy of the joys of Málaga.

Depicting the city’s laidback charm, brilliant tapas bars, beachfront restaurants, cultural attractions and beautiful architecture, the Mirror hits the nail on the head in many ways. Its article captures perfectly the pace and diversity of the capital of the Costa del Sol and – correctly – identifies that the majority of British holidaymakers who visit the region pretty much ignore it.

And this is where I have a confession to make. While I love Málaga, I have to admit that I only discovered its charms after almost four years of living on the Costa del Sol. Sevilla, Granada, Córdoba, Tarifa – I could give you a guided tour. Blindfolded. Not that you’d come.

But Málaga, despite its proximity, accessibility and airport, always flew under my radar. Anecdotally, I was not alone with my Málaga blindspot. Friends, too, were often unaware of the charms of Málaga and, equally, were at a loss to know why.

Perhaps the fact that Málaga is so close to the charms of the Costa del Sol does the city a disservice. Trips to the farther flung charms of Sevilla and Granada are worth planning a weekend for. They’re exotic, suitably detached and different, yet within easy reach.

Málaga, though, is a 40-minute drive from Marbella. And Marbella, as we all know, has plenty to keep all ages and tastes happy. And even if you were able to tear yourself away from the resort’s charms, the head-turning attractions of Torremolinos, Fuengirola and Benalmádena lie between you and Málaga.

Perhaps the city itself doesn’t crow loudly or proudly enough. Despite its rich history and litany of obvious attractions, the Málaga name doesn’t reverberate around Europe, let alone the world.

And yet you get the feeling that Málaga is pretty happy with the status quo. Sure, the extra revenue that increased tourist spend would bring would be most welcome, but the city’s charms have been allowed to develop relatively untouched.

The tourist hubs along the beach cater perfectly for the whims and wishes of visitors from all over the world. Málaga, on the other hand, can rest easy, safe in the knowledge that if and when the tourists discover its charms, they are certain to be forever smitten.

I know I was.

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