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Spain’s fruit oversupply to help the country’s poor

Everything is peachy for Spain's agricultural sector, but oversupply headaches still persist.

Everything is peachy for Spain’s agricultural sector, but oversupply headaches still persist.

The production of fruit in Spain is legendary. In the southeastern corner of the country, vast amounts of land are given over to farmers producing everything from strawberries to peaches and watermelons…

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Three trends that will shape Spain in 2017

2017 is set to be another stunner for Spain.

2017 is set to be another stunner for Spain.

Welcome to 2017! As last year barely limped over the finish line, one could be forgiven for worrying what further misery lies in store in 2017. And while in many parts of the world the omens for stability and prosperity do not look good, it is a different story in Spain.

While it’s true that a few years back, Spain did endure a tougher time than most, ever since the tail-end of 2013, things have picked up steadily, with last year a record-breaker in terms of job creation and tourism figures, while most other metrics were unstintingly positive, too.

Which all bodes well for 2017, as experts drawn from a number of industries re-gather their predictions and look at Spain not as the poor man of Europe, but as one of its shining stars.

So with that in mind, here are three trends to look out for in 2017…

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Job’s a good ‘un: June sees Spain’s unemployment rate fall furthest for ten years

Job numbers in Spain have swelled hugely in June, and many of the new jobs will be here to stay.

The summer always brings a boost for Spain’s job figures. After all, with millions of people descending upon the country between the months of June to September, there is quite simply more work to be done…

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Will 15-year expat vote law be abolished in time for EU Referendum?


If the British High Court rules in favour of the expat challenge, could every Brit abroad be eligible to vote in the forthcoming EU referendum?

This week a group of British expats launched a legal appeal at the British High Court challenging the current law that denies those who have lived abroad for more than 15 years the right to vote in UK elections

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Costa del Sold: five best ways to enjoy life in southern Spain

Spain is on course for another record year in tourism, with international visitors arriving in their droves.

The Costa del Sol is an addictive place, so are you ready to make the move?

The recent news that February 2016 was the hottest on record could have fooled your average Brit. Despite scientifically warmer weather, the year so far has been boringly typical: blustery, wet, grey and mild. And as March enters its mid-way point, the temperature has only begun to creep up ever-so-slowly, which means there are still at least two more months of predictably unpredictable gloom and squall.

Not so Spain. Record snow levels up on the Sierra Nevada mountain range aside, winter has been its usual brief self – occasionally crisp, often gorgeous, and invariably sunny and bright. But now the mercury really begins to shoot upwards, and it is about this time of year when sun-starved Brits begin dreaming of packing it all up and moving to the Costa del Sol.

Well, just as VIVA has implored many times before, this does not have to remain a pipedream. From property to employment, education to healthcare, Spain can cater for your needs. But if you were concerned that the sunny Costa del Sol is not for you, maybe these five reasons to move will help you make up your mind…

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Cash-rich retirees looking forward to a life overseas

Romantic Moment on the Beach

As the Baby Boomer generation approaches retirement, their wealth and health is likely to mean more and more choose to retire overseas than ever before.

The lure of blue skies, warm evening air and the uplifting views of a traditional Mediterranean backdrop have long held an appeal for Brits of all ages raised on a climate of grey, damp, drizzle and wind that swirls and blusters with a maddening irregularity…

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Will expats’ “vote for life” arrive in time for EU referendum?


The law is set to change to allow long-term expats to vote in the UK, but will it change in time for the EU referendum?

The vast majority of Brits who live abroad in Europe are likely to vote in favour of the UK staying in the EU when the referendum is held at some point before the end of 2017.

It is only sensible to assume so. After all, while nobody can know for sure what a “Brexit” will entail, one thing is certain: life will become that much harder for Brits abroad scattered throughout the EU…

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Winter on the Costa del Sol... Bienvenidos!

Winter in Puerto Banús – cooler, quieter and more relaxing.

Famed more for its glorious sunshine, high temperatures, packed beaches, cooling sea and upmarket beach clubs, the Costa del Sol is also a charming and attractive place during the winter months for year-round foreign residents, locals, and visitors who prefer to avoid the throngs of holidaymakers and soaring summer temperatures. Though the buzz and excitement of the summer – when bars, restaurants and beaches are a hive of activity – will always have its own special allure, there comes a time in the life of an expat when you actually look forward to having to put on a coat, swap your flip-flops for a pair of shoes and occasionally fish out the umbrella…

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The three life skills every successful expat needs

The job world's your oyster once you've lived overseas.

Say ‘yes’ more often, challenge as much as you accept, and get a good broadband provider…

You can read all the self-help books you like. Tell yourself time and time again to be open-minded. Study Spanish. Save your cash. Buy a nice home overlooking the Med. Cut your ties with the old country and try your hardest to embrace life in the new one… and still you might fail.

Living abroad is a fantastically enriching experience, but it does not come easy to everybody. The stresses of a new culture, a new climate, a new rhythm, can prove overwhelming, as can some of the more innocuous things like supermarket opening hours, day-to-day interactions with strangers, and the lack of a good pub serving your favourite tipple.

However, none of these perceived shortcomings should be enough to deter you from making the move, nor enjoying your life abroad, so long as you learn to look at life in the same way that successful expats the world over do.

Sure, having an open mind and a grasp of the lingo will help no end, but first – master these three life skills and the rest of your time living as an expat will be a doddle…

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Think you’re integrated in Spain? Take the test


There are many faces of an integrated Brit in Spain – how and where do you fit in?

Just because you wake up late, go to bed late and like to take long lunches doesn’t necessarily mean that you are fully integrated into the Spanish way of life (and it may mean you simply enjoy the good things in life a little too much).

Nor does speaking Spanish, eating nothing but jamon and olives, and insisting on using that thumb-and-pinky extended hand signal when enquiring whether anybody wants a drink make you a full-blown Spaniard – although it sure will make you appear like one to many…

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