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Deal or No Deal: Key Brexit Date Next Week


Britain’s withdrawal from the EU hangs in the balance as MPs must vote in Parliament next Tuesday. (Credit: The European Journal)

Anyone who is watching Brexit news closely, or has a vested interest in the negotiation’s outcomes, will know that after next week’s parliamentary debates and subsequent vote, the true manifestation of Britain’s European exit (or not) will become a great deal clearer

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Five business ideas for Brits in Spain

Setting up a business in Spain is the easy part – the right idea is what will determine its success or failure

Although Spain’s economy is enjoying an about-turn that would put Nick Clegg to shame, getting a job in Spain is still proving troubling for millions. As a British expat, it might appear that the situation is even worse, particularly those lacking the language skills and cultural ties of the locals.

But Brits in Spain have one big advantage over Spaniards – their Britishness. And while parading one’s sunburnt shoulders around town is never going to be a money maker, there are a few British idiosyncracies that, with a bit of work, could potentially become good expat businesses. After all, where better to go it alone than in a foreign land where the niche in the market is, well, you

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