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House prices rose 5.6% across Spain in November


Home values in Spain rose again against 2017 levels in November.

Tinsa’s recently published monthly property value report for November tells a very similar tale to recent months, whereby the year-on-year price increase was 5.6% compared to the same 30-day period last year…

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House prices up again in October by 5.3%


House prices in Spain continue their monthly surge in October.

Real estate valuations firm Tinsa has just published today its monthly IMIE report, which tracks the evolution of house prices and shows their year-on-year variation and net recovery since reaching their highest ever levels before the economic downturn (which seems a very distant memory now)…

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Spanish property values appreciated 4.8% in September


Spanish homes values were on the rise again in September, both on the coast and inland.

Spanish residential property values increased once again in September, this time by almost 5% compared to the same month in 2017, according to real estate valuation experts Tinsa

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Spain home values up by 4.9% in Q3 2018… and 8.4% on the Costa del Sol


Tinsa’s recent third quarter market report showed a good evolution of Spanish real estate market prices.

Real estate valuation experts Tinsa recently published their third quarter report on residential property prices in Spain and the picture it paints of the market – both on a national level and for the region of Andalucía – is one of sustainable and continued year-on-year growth

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Spanish property transactions up 7.7% in May


Residential property transactions in Spain are on the up once again compared to 2017 levels.

Official data from Spain’s notaries reveals that there were 51,896 property transactions across Spain in May, which represents an increase of 7.7% in buying activity compared to the same month last year…

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Tinsa announces a 4.2% increase in Spanish property prices in May


Spanish property continues to enjoy year-on-year price increases, with growth in May slightly more moderate than in April.

Tinsa’s General IMIE Index, which measures the average year-on-year Spanish residential property prices against 2001 figures, saw a growth of 4.2% in May 2018 compared to the same month last year

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Spanish property values rise 5.4% in April


Spanish property values are on the rise once again, demonstrating a continued upward year-on-year trend in the early months of 2018.

Spanish property prices continued their spirited resurgence in April, with official data from Tinsa showing the average property price across Spain to be 5.4% higher than in April last year

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Expat homeowners should not fear retrospective Spanish stamp duty

Some recent homeowners in Spain have been asked to pay retrospective Stamp Duty tax top-ups, but the scale of the problem is not so large

Reports last week in the Daily Mail have suggested that thousands of Brits who own property in Spain may be faced with a shock tax bill as the Spanish government seeks to claw-back ‘underpaid’ stamp duty.

However, the true risk of being handed a surprise retrospective tax bill is quite small, and those British homeowners who do receive a demand for extra payment are entitled to appeal…

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