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Spain’s fruit oversupply to help the country’s poor

Everything is peachy for Spain's agricultural sector, but oversupply headaches still persist.

Everything is peachy for Spain’s agricultural sector, but oversupply headaches still persist.

The production of fruit in Spain is legendary. In the southeastern corner of the country, vast amounts of land are given over to farmers producing everything from strawberries to peaches and watermelons…

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Spain would block Scottish EU entry, says policy expert

While Spain and the EU have no say in Scottish independence claims, they could influence an Independent Scotland’s future

The ongoing secessionist movements in Spain mean that it is ‘highly probable’ that the country would vote to block Scotland’s entry to the EU should the Scots vote in favour of independence at this month’s referendum.

Fears that an independent Scotland gaining access to the European Union would inspire Catalan and Basque claims for independence from Spain mean that the Spanish government will be watching the results of the September 18 vote closely…

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Spain no longer in EU’s pocket

Spain has paid down its debt to the EU by a third in the past year

What a difference a year makes: figures released this week by the Spanish Central Bank show that Spain has reduced its debt owed to the EU by almost a third in the past 12 months – with the debt owed shrinking even further in the first quarter of this year… Continue Reading

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Spain unlikely to need further financial help, say EU

Olli Rehn, European Commissioner for Economic and Monetary Affairs, is happy with Spain's economic progress.

Telling news emanated from the EU on Tuesday as Olli Rehn, the European commissioner for economic and monetary affairs, remarked that there is a good chance of Spain concluding its current financial assistance programme without the need for a successor programme.

Rehn was speaking during a visit to Paris, and his positive assessment is sure to resonate throughout the corridors of power in Europe… Continue Reading

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Spain’s youngsters to receive €2bn boost from the EU

Jobs in Spain for young people have been in short supply in recent years

Spain’s beleaguered youth recently received a welcome boost when the European Union announced that it would be sending between €1.5-€2bn Spain’s way to spend on combating youth unemployment…

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