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Sky-high London property prices shock Chelsea’s Spanish footballer, Álvaro Morata

Spain and Chelsea striker Alvaro Morata is reported to be unhappy in London. But it's not the weather or food that's getting him down, but the property prices.

Spain and Chelsea striker Álvaro Morata is reported to be unhappy in London. But it’s not the weather or food that’s getting him down, it’s the property prices.

He may have moved from Real Madrid to Chelsea over the summer for a cool £65 million, signing a £160,000-a-week contract in the process, but Spanish footballer Álvaro Morata has already expressed his disbelief at London’s extortionate property prices.

It usually takes many months for newly arrived Londoners to realise that the homes they’re living in really aren’t value for money. But canny Morata has seen the woods for the trees quite early on – possibly because, being Spanish, he is used to a better cost-quality ratio

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Spanish expats in UK contribute £802 million to British economy

While Spaniards living in Britain may not love the rain, there is much about the country they do enjoy.

While Spaniards living in Britain may not love the rain, there is much about the country they do enjoy.

The enduring love affair between Spain and the UK – the occasional Gibraltar-themed spats aside – should serve as a reminder to those who wish to paint a picture of a divided Europe that even countries as ‘different’ as Britain and Spain share a great deal of love, respect and admiration for one another…

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British expats can vote on EU referendum, says Cameron

Will the UK opt for the EU exit door, or choose to remain?

It is a vote that is likely to determine the very future of the United Kingdom, let alone its relationship with Europe – and it is a vote that British citizens who have lived abroad for less than 15 years are allowed to have a say in.

The EU referendum, which was promised to the British public by the new Conservative government, is to be a simple In/Out vote on the question of whether the UK should remain in, or leave, the European Union…

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How Spain’s growing love of English can help homebuyers

Tourism, property and language have brought the Brits and Spanish closer together than ever before.

Ever since the credit crunch bit down hard on Spain’s economy in 2008, most industries in the country had to shrink in order to survive. However, one sector actually flourished during those mean, lean years, and it is a sector that could actually help Brits realise their dream of buying a property in Spain

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