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Five reasons why dining in Spain is a fine experience

Affordable, friendly, always delicious and usually beautiful, dining out in Spain is a classic pastime.

Affordable, friendly, always delicious and usually beautiful, dining out in Spain is a classic pastime.

Spain has for years now led the world in haute cuisine. From the famous El Bulli restaurant to Basque inventiveness, if it’s a freshly minted Michelin star you’re after, Spain is the place to be.

This is all well and good, but for many, mealtimes are a source of more simple pleasures. Luckily, Spain also comes up trumps here, offering a smattering of some of the finest, simplest dining experiences you can imagine, with something for every taste and every budget.

Here are five reasons why eating out in Spain is such a memorable experience…

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Spain still has second-highest life expectancy in the world

Spain has more than 100,000 people aged 100 or over.

Spain has more than 100,000 people aged 100 or over.

The average life expectancy for a newborn Spaniard in 2016 was 83.2 years, making Spain the country with the second-highest life expectancy in the world after Japan, according to new OECD statistics…

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Spain ends 2016 with nine three-star Michelin restaurants

The number of three-Michelin starred restaurants in Spain now stands at an impressive nine.

The number of three-Michelin starred restaurants in Spain now stands at an impressive nine.

The Spanish culinary scene is often described as revolutionary, which is meant to be unfailingly complimentary but can sometimes suggest that it is a fleeting movement; a scene that has shattered old misconceptions and created a new buzz…

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Jamie Oliver’s paella twist sends Spain into a tizz

British chef Jamie Oliver's unique twist on the classic paella dish did not go down too well in Spain.

British chef Jamie Oliver’s unique twist on the classic paella dish did not go down too well in Spain.

It doesn’t take much to finger open the loose threads that unite Spain. The country can be divided on all manner of topics, from football to politics, through to bullfighting and the correct way to drink sangría…

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Cut it out: why Spain’s diet is better than fad diets


A Mediterranean diet high in healthy fats has been found, in one study at least, to aid weight loss.

Cutting out fat from one’s diet may seem, at first glance, a sure way to lose weight, but a recent study by the University of Barcelona has found that the presence of certain fats – namely those found in the Mediterranean diet – can actually aid weight loss…

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Tesco strikes deal with El Corte Inglés to sell UK favourites in its stores

Black friday no El Corte Inglés . Saldos .

El Corte Inglés famously ‘has it all’, and will soon be stocking Tesco food produce sourced directly from the UK.

Brits in Spain have it easier than most other expats when it comes to getting their hands on home comforts, and now things are about to get a whole lot more convenient following the news that UK supermarket giant Tesco has signed a wholesale deal with department store El Corte Inglés…

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Spain calls on Unesco to recognise tapas on cultural heritage list


The varied, mouthwatering delights of Spanish tapas – from the ingredients, to the very way of dining – are angling for Unesco recognition.

Spain has given the world many things: Flamenco, Sherry, Bullfighting, Julio Iglesias and millions of hours of unfortunate sunburn, but perhaps the country is best known – and best loved – for its contribution to gastronomy

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Costa del Sold: five best ways to enjoy life in southern Spain

Spain is on course for another record year in tourism, with international visitors arriving in their droves.

The Costa del Sol is an addictive place, so are you ready to make the move?

The recent news that February 2016 was the hottest on record could have fooled your average Brit. Despite scientifically warmer weather, the year so far has been boringly typical: blustery, wet, grey and mild. And as March enters its mid-way point, the temperature has only begun to creep up ever-so-slowly, which means there are still at least two more months of predictably unpredictable gloom and squall.

Not so Spain. Record snow levels up on the Sierra Nevada mountain range aside, winter has been its usual brief self – occasionally crisp, often gorgeous, and invariably sunny and bright. But now the mercury really begins to shoot upwards, and it is about this time of year when sun-starved Brits begin dreaming of packing it all up and moving to the Costa del Sol.

Well, just as VIVA has implored many times before, this does not have to remain a pipedream. From property to employment, education to healthcare, Spain can cater for your needs. But if you were concerned that the sunny Costa del Sol is not for you, maybe these five reasons to move will help you make up your mind…

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Europe’s ‘death map’ shows Spain provides a backdrop for a much longer life

Death map

Europe’s Death Map shows that Spain and the sunnier countries offer the chance of a longer life.

There have been innumerable studies highlighting the health benefits of a Mediterranean diet, but now for the first time ever the British Medical Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health has put together a ‘Death Map’ that shows just how much longer people from Mediterranean countries live than their northern European counterparts…

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The food, the language, the people: the things Brit expats love about Spain


The happiest Brits in Spain love the people, the cuisine (and the wine!) and enjoy learning Spanish.

The stereotype of the culturally stunted ‘Brit Abroad’ – frequenting the same pubs, dining at greasy spoon cafes, failing completely to learn Spanish and only mingling with fellow expats – has held firm despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

But now a new survey of British expats currently living in Spain has revealed the trick to enjoying a long and happy life in the sun – integration, integration, integration

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