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2018 Spanish property market forecast for 9.3% growth

In 2018, the strength of Spain's property market will be even more evident, with home sales predicted to surpass 500,000.

In 2018, the strength of Spain’s property market will be even more evident, with home sales predicted to surpass 500,000.

The estimated numbers of properties expected to be sold in Spain in 2018 is 526,000 – a 9.3% increase on the 481,000 home sales likely to be recorded in 2017.

Next year’s anticipated growth will also usher in an average national price increase of 6.1%, which is slightly lower than the 6.9% price increases registered this year. Affordability will still be the name of the game in 2018, however, because even with the expected 6.1% price increase the average Spanish home value will still be 27% below 2007’s peak…

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Confirmed: Spain’s property market grew a massive 13.6% in 2016

Spain's property market is in rude health, growing on 2015, strong in all regions, and likely to push up construction activity.

Spain’s property market is in rude health, growing on 2015, strong in all regions, and likely to push up construction activity.

The drip-drip of monthly data on Spain’s property market over the course of 2016 painted a picture that was rosier than an English summer garden in full bloom. With each passing month, the news was getting better and better, so it is no great surprise that the end-of-year data published late last week by the government’s central statistics unit shows that the market grew a massive 13.6% in 2016…

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Spain property: prices and mortgage approvals on the up

Spain's appeal is multi-faceted, with bargains, beauty and charm at every turn.

Rising prices, rising sales, more mortgages – Spain’s property market is looking healthier with every passing day.

Two sets of data released over the weekend have offered further confirmation that the Spanish property market is on an increasingly even keel.

Firstly, financial advice firm Arcano crunched the numbers of property prices from all 17 of Spain’s regions and found that the average price increase in the first quarter of 2016 was 6.9% when compared to the same period last year…

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Approval of Spanish mortgages up 7.3% year-on-year


These days, Spanish banks and finance houses are undoubtedly much more willing to approve mortgages than they used to be.

For those thinking of buying a home in Spain, 2016 certainly looks like being a good year, and to that end national daily El País was prompted to run an article on the subject of mortgages – and how to choose the best deals – earlier this month…

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Mortgage availability behind uptick in Spanish property market

40,000 homeowners with Blackstone as their mortgage provider will have more flexibility under the new plans.

Looser lending criteria is meaning more mortgages are being issued right across Spain.

Official data from Spain’s notaries published last week has revealed that the number of property transactions in Spain in the second quarter of the year rose once more in all 17 Spanish regions except for Navarra.

Driving this upturn is the easier availability of Spanish mortgages, with the number of mortgages granted in the country between April and June rising 26% on the same period last year…

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Mortgage approvals in Andalucía rise by 11.9%

Only Madrid saw more mortgage approvals in March than Andalucía.

The latest data from Spain’s National Statistics Institute (INE) has revealed that the number of residential mortgages approved in Spain in March increased by 19.7 per cent on last year’s figures…

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Spain and France attract 70% of all Brits hoping to buy abroad

Through good times and bad, Spain’s appeal to Brits has been unwavering.

A new poll by foreign exchange specialists HiFX has found that 70 per cent of Brits considering buying property overseas focus their attention solely on Spain and France.

According to the survey, both Spain and France attracted 35 per cent of interest each, with the USA and Switzerland the highest risers. However, Spain’s perennial battle for top-spot with France looks set to continue for some time – the two nations have claimed the top two spots every year since 2007

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Brits drawn to affordable Spanish beach property

Obvious attracts: the allure of beachside Spanish property is proving strong to British buyers

The resurgent strength of the Spanish property market is manifesting in a greater desire among British buyers for affordable beachside homes – something that Spain has in droves.

Underpinned by the country’s wider economic recovery, the Spanish property market has begun to recover the gusto that characterised it at the turn of the millennium, only this time with greater transparency and appeal to discerning British buyers…

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Expat homeowners should not fear retrospective Spanish stamp duty

Some recent homeowners in Spain have been asked to pay retrospective Stamp Duty tax top-ups, but the scale of the problem is not so large

Reports last week in the Daily Mail have suggested that thousands of Brits who own property in Spain may be faced with a shock tax bill as the Spanish government seeks to claw-back ‘underpaid’ stamp duty.

However, the true risk of being handed a surprise retrospective tax bill is quite small, and those British homeowners who do receive a demand for extra payment are entitled to appeal…

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Mortgage lending in Spain up for fourth consecutive month

Approved mortgage application form

The most substantial growth in mortgage lending in Spain since 2007

According to data published last week by Spain’s Instituto Nacional de Estadística (National Statistics Institute), new mortgage approvals recorded in the country’s land registries in September totalled 19,323, the largest number since February 2013, and a massive 29.8 per cent more than in September of last year…

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