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El Corte Inglés famously ‘has it all’, and will soon be stocking Tesco food produce sourced directly from the UK.

Brits in Spain have it easier than most other expats when it comes to getting their hands on home comforts, and now things are about to get a whole lot more convenient following the news that UK supermarket giant Tesco has signed a wholesale deal with department store El Corte Inglés…

The arrangement will see El Corte Inglés stock a range of Tesco-supplied British favourites in their stores across Spain, including top-selling teas, biscuits and cereals.

Brits in Spain will rejoice at the news that they can now purchase a wider range of British goods in store, while Spaniards living in the UK will welcome the sight of a smattering of El Corte Inglés products on selected Tesco shelves around the country – the ‘contra’ deal sees Tesco expanding its Spanish range to include 48 El Corte Inglés specials.

The Spanish store entered the UK market last year when trialling its produce at five London Tesco stores.

Now, however, a taste of Spain is coming to Brighton, Edinburgh and Cambridge, via Tesco, over the next few weeks.

For Tesco, the chance to dip its toe in the tough Spanish grocery sector is seen as a promising opportunity. The supermarket chain has a sizeable presence in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland, but recent forays into Germany and France have proven unfruitful.

This collaborative approach with El Corte Inglés may well prove an ideal way to sidle into Spain’s competitive market.

“We’re always looking to offer customers new and exciting products as part of our world food range,” said a Tesco statement. “We’re currently trialling product from El Corte Inglés in a small number of stores and are looking forward to seeing how customers respond.”