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Álora area guide: Andalucía at its most authentic

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There's a certain atmosphere that crops up here and there in Southern Spain that is hard to define. We'll call it 'Sunday afternoon syndrome'. A kind of slow-paced, shut-off sensation, where everybody seems to be waiting for something more exciting to happen, such as Monday morning. This sensation can afflict some of Spain's more rural areas thanks to their very makeup, sleepy, remote and lightly populated.

To the uninitiated, Álora is a place of perennial 'Sunday afternoon syndrome'. It can be enjoyable, all of that 'shops are shut let's relax and take it easy' way of living, but after a while it can get, dare we say, slightly boring, and no amount of stunning mountain backdrops, cute and quaint streets or wealth of history can alleviate it. Álora has all this, and more. Or is it less? Does this sleepy village 40km north of Málaga have enough to tempt the expat property buyer so far inland?

Álora - Málaga

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Detached Villa in Álora

  • Built 157m²
  • 3 Beds - 3 Baths
  • Terraces 27m²


Detached Villa in Álora

  • Built 132m²
  • 4 Beds - 2 Baths
  • Terraces N/A


Business in Álora

  • Built 419m²
  • 0 Beds - 0 Baths
  • Terraces N/A


Finca in Álora

  • Built 126m²
  • 2 Beds - 1 Baths
  • Terraces 30m²


Finca in Álora

  • Built 338m²
  • 8 Beds - 3 Baths
  • Terraces N/A


Finca in Álora

  • Built 190m²
  • 3 Beds - 1 Baths
  • Terraces N/A


View all the properties for sale in Álora

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