Top 5 VIVA Updates In 2019

Continuing with the theme of looking back at 2019, this post revisits the steps we’ve taken to make 2019 another year of innovation and new services. Our aim is to keep improving the ways in which you go about finding your dream home in southern Spain and below you’ll find the 5 main things we’ve done over the past year to facilitate this. Here goes...

1.  New-look website

What Did We Do For You This Year? Top 5 VIVA Updates In 2019_New look VIVA website

OK, so we technically launched the brand-new in December 2018, but we’re constantly adding new information, upgrading content and providing you with information about our latest promotions and featured properties for sale via the Costa del Sol’s leading real estate website.

For instance, our Featured Properties galleries are updated daily with all the...

Sound interesting? Check out our Featured Properties Homepage here!

If you want to know how you can search for Costa del Sol homes on our home – the website of the region’s largest property listing agent (by far!) – take a look at this video we made via the following link:

How To Search For Properties On The VIVA Web

2.  Upgraded New Developments section

What Did We Do For You This Year? Top 5 VIVA Updates In 2019_All new New Developments section

We realise that demand for new build homes is high at the moment, so we strive to bring you the entire spectrum of off-plan developments, projects already under construction and key-ready homes; covering all different property types, in all areas and for all budgets.

As well as having every type of new home imaginable – literally, if we don’t have it, it probably doesn’t exist – we’ve also improved the look and feel of the page. This means you can now scroll through photos and see a development's key characteristics at a glance and also filter your search by location, property type, price range, number of bedrooms and key features.

Want to just see results for golf properties? There’s a filter for that. Frontline beach? Something with great investment potential? Are sea views a must? Pick from the drop-down menu and you’ll find all the projects with these characteristics, amongst many others. Feel free to check it out by clicking below:

3.  Adding languages

What Did We Do For You This Year? Top 5 VIVA Updates In 2019_Website now in English, Spanish and Swedish

As well as redesigning the entire VIVA website and redacting all its content from scratch in English, we’ve since managed to translate the entire website – well over 200 web pages, let’s not forget – into Spanish and Swedish.

We launched the Spanish site back in March, while Swedish followed not long afterwards in May. We’re proud to announce that it will also be available in French very soon, so native speakers of yet another country will have an enhanced user experience in their own language, too.

4.  Cooler-looking emails

What Did We Do For You This Year? Top 5 VIVA Updates In 2019_Better Email Templates

If you’re on any of our mailing lists, you’ll know that we’ve updated our email designs to show our newsletter content and properties for sale even clearer than before. We hope these improvements have had the desired effect – especially on mobile devices, as accessing the VIVA web on the go is becoming increasingly popular.

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5.  Personal property selection

What Did We Do For You This Year? Top 5 VIVA Updates In 2019_Personal Property Selection

A new feature we added recently was the ability to request a handpicked selection of properties in any given Costa del Sol area and for any kind of budget.

We figured not everyone has time to trawl through the thousands of different properties on the VIVA web, so we thought we could save you time by suggesting the ones that are most relevant to your search. That way, you reap the benefits of both a direct service – the selections are done one-by-one and are not generic – and a helping hand from a real estate expert who knows the local market inside out.

And the response has been great! We’ve had loads of requests for this new service and we’ve been able to give inspiration and special attention to each and every one of them.

Are you in need of a helping hand?

Try this no obligation service out for yourself and put VIVA’s experts to the test by clicking on the banner below... 

What Did We Do For You This Year? Top 5 VIVA Updates In 2019_Request your Personal Property Selection

We look forward to bringing you lots more new features in 2020 and wish you a very Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year!