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Ronda area guide: the best of both worlds

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In comparison to the UK with its Big Ben, France with its Eiffel Tower, Italy with its Leaning Tower of Pisa and Germany with its Brandenburg Gate, Spain lacks an instantly recognisable global landmark. Sure, Gaudi's La Sagrada Familia is pretty famous, but your average less-than-well-travelled tourist would be hard-pressed to place it on a map. Then there's always the image of the lobster-tinged, beer-bellied Englishman supping a pint on a Costa Blanca bar stool, bulldog tattoo dripping with sweat as the unappreciated Spanish waiter jots down 'fish and chips' on his notebook - quintessentially Spanish, but hardly the image Spain would like to project.

What they should project, however, is the rich history, eye-popping scenery and grand architecture that are encapsulated by a single glimpse of the iconic Puente Nuevo (New Bridge) in Ronda. Spanning the plunging El Tajo gorge, the fast white waters of the River Guadalevén rush through the valley some 97 metres below, delivering some of the most spectacular views available anywhere in Spain, be it from the top of the bridge or the bottom of the valley - both vistas are awe-inspiring. This is the image that Ronda itself loves to project; strong, robust, historic and beautiful, and it's an image that has set the town in good stead over the past few decades.

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Apartment in Málaga

  • Built 50m²
  • 1 Beds - 1 Baths
  • Terraces N/A


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Villa in Ronda

  • Built 320m²
  • 6 Beds - 3 Baths
  • Terraces N/A


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Hotel in Ronda

  • Built 892m²
  • 15 Beds - 17 Baths
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  • Built 350m²
  • 4 Beds - 3 Baths
  • Terraces 100m²


Townhouse in Málaga

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  • Built 100m²
  • 0 Beds - 1 Baths
  • Terraces 30m²


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