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Family Fun - Enjoy an outdoor lifestyle

Living in a hot Mediterranean climate is the dream of many, and the Costa del Sol's weather will more than meet your expectations. It may sound cliched but it’s backed up by empirical evidence – Spaniards (and other Mediterranean peoples) enjoy the longest life expectancy in Europe, and the second longest in the world.

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The climate encourages a more active lifestyle and a better diet: it is extremely easy to eat well cheaply in Spain as many of the healthiest foods (such as tomatoes, fresh fish, spinach, broccoli, avocados, peppers and citrus fruits) all grow locally. In terms of exercise, you might think that the hot weather stifles one's desire to get active when the option of lying by the pool with a beer in hand is right there. But the very fact that you're drawn outside by the weather engenders a different mindset – you're not cooped up in the warmth on the sofa for most of the year, so even if you're not a keen jogger, an avid footballer, a tennis enthusiast or a cyclist, at least you're moving around more.

There's a vanity thing too. On the Costa del Sol, you spend a far greater percentage of your time wearing very little, so it is only natural to want to look as good as possible. Instead of forking out hundreds of pounds on a stylish winter coat in the UK, on the Costa del Sol your time, effort and money is far better put to use in gyms, or at tennis clubs, or investing in some good quality running shoes. The end product is the same – to look good. It's just, on the Costa del Sol, you'll feel good too.

The heat and sunshine helps as well: your skin will soon look better than ever (provided, of course, that you take adequate precautions against the sun's rays), thanks to the increased exposure to the sun and a higher intake of water; a typical, almost subconscious response to the extra heat is to drink more fluids than you did before. Beware, though: this wonderful lifestyle can also lead to a higher intake of alcohol too, particularly in the summer when the temptation to live like the holidaymakers can prove too much!

So the first thing you need to get a handle on is your mindset. There is so much to do along the Costa del Sol, and whether you are buying a property in Spain as a holiday home or a permanent one, you don’t have to cram it all in at once. The sun may very well be shining on a Monday afternoon, but fear not – it’s shining most of the time, so fight the urge to rush outside and strip down to your smalls… you have all the time in the world, which is why living in Spain is the ultimate in leisure pleasure for all ages. Welcome to the outdoor world...

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