Your Decision is Made… the Next Key Steps

So your mind's made up. You have decided to join the thousands of people who have started a new life in Spain. 

Once you actually make the decision and go from dreaming about it to thinking about the practicalities, it can become a little overwhelming.  Moving house is customarily a stressful experience, and when you are moving abroad it can be doubly daunting – unless you are well prepared.

Even once you have tied up all the loose ends in your home country, there are bound to be more questions about the actual moving arrangements – and your arrival in Spain.

To help you avoid any stressful moments, we've put together a concise, comprehensive and authoritative guide covering every contingency and all the boxes you need to tick – to help you get off to the best possible start. The VIVA team is also always available to answer any further questions you might have.

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So you've done your internet research... now it's time to finalise your plans with some due dilligence.

Planning Your Move

Important points to consider when moving to Spain

Key Issues

Once your initial planning has been completed, the next step is to ponder other important aspects.

Making Your Move

List of things-to-do when arriving inSpain

Smoothing the Path

You're finally on the Coast, happily turning the key into your new home... but still a few other issues to resolve.

When You Arrive

Where to Look on the Costa del Sol

At VIVA we don't just sell you a property and leave you to it: we stay with you every step of the way. We can provide you with a wide array of advice on all the practical aspects of setting up your new home, and give you an insight into what life in southern Spain is really like.

We know that every VIVA customer is unique, and each one is looking for something different from southern Spain – and from us. Fortunately, the Costa del Sol is diverse enough to accommodate the needs and preferences of all kinds of homebuyers, from young families and retirees to residential-tourists and investors.

Would you like to find the property that's perfect for you?

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