Technical terms for home owners in Spain

If you are a home owner anywhere in the Spanish peninsula, you will doubtless have a grasp of the main taxes that, quite literally, come with the territory. Although it does take a while to get your head around the associated jargon, you will more than likely be aided by professional legal advice in Spain as part of the process.

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The first of these, the Catastral Value, is reviewed for each municipality in Spain annually and any variations are published in the Official State Bulletin (Boletín Oficial del Estado) in time for 1st January each year.

2019 Valor Catastral revisions

This time round, 1,177 municipalities have seen changes applied to the Catastral Value of the properties located within them, according to Royal Decree 27/2018, dated 28th December.

In total, 728 towns experienced a Valor Catastral increase, while 449 saw a decrease for the upcoming year, putting the average national percentage difference at +0.58% for those municipalities with revised values.

Decreases for Málaga province

While this figure may seem like the maintaining of the status quo and not particularly newsworthy – especially in the midst of climbing second hand property prices – it is the 26 municipalities in the province of Málaga that throw up a surprise.

All but one of these areas, including Casares, Casarabonela, Manilva, Antequera and Ronda, saw the Catastral Value of their homes fall, by either 3% or 7%, for the year to come.

How could this affect you?

The value decreases registered across the province of Málaga mean that, if you own a home in one of these 26 municipalities, you could end up paying less tax to the local council and the tax man over the course of 2019. Yippee!!

Since the Catastral Value is the basis for calculation for both the IBI and Capital Gains, the result is that you could pay less local council tax and, should you want to sell your property, you would pay a lower tax contribution if the asset has appreciated.

To see the full list of municipalities (article written in Spanish), click here.

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