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Financing your Spanish property

If you’re serious about buying a property in Spain then most experts would agree that looking into getting a mortgage should be at the top of your ‘to do’ list. After all, the amount and type of mortgage you can get will dictate what kind of property you can afford. Thankfully, banks in Spain are lending once again, giving buyers the option of being able to choose between taking out a mortgage in their home country or obtaining a Spanish mortgage instead.

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The importance of being financed

Of course, lending criteria differs from country to country, so a familiarity with the mortgage process in, say, the UK, does not necessarily mean you will know all there is to know about how mortgage lending is done in Spain. That’s why it is of vital importance that you talk to an expert mortgage broker to find out how to get the best deal when it comes to getting a loan in Spain in order to finance the purchase of a property.

Plan ahead

A bit of forward planning can make a huge difference in terms of future payments. By consulting with experts well in advance and not waiting until the last minute, you can weigh up the pros and cons of getting a Spanish mortgage and decide what is best for you.

Talk to the experts

VIVA, experts in property, have teamed up with UCI, Spanish mortgage experts, to bring you some basic information regarding financing a property in Spain. As you will more than likely be paying back a mortgage over many years, it’s of vital importance that you understand the system and can afford the repayments before entering into any arrangement, so take a look at the UCI quick guide to Spanish mortgages to get an idea of just what is available.

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