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HOT Art - James Hensher - Totally Organic

Bold colour and abstract figures come together in James Hensher's vivid canvases...

When you step into the garden where James Hensher spends his time creating, the bold colours and exuberance of his paintings make perfect sense. Vast canvases richly daubed with strong shades - streaks of blue, green, yellow and pink, the images have immediate impact.

Fortunate enough to work from his family’s home in a privileged location in Marbella, the spacious garden commands superb views to the sea, the inspiration for the grass greens, Mediterranean blues and hibiscus pinks jumps right out.

“I come out into the open with my canvases, with the sun beating down on my back. How could I not love it!

“I chose to have my exhibition debut here in this garden. I think people feel more comfortable in this environment than shuffling around a gallery.” 

At first viewing, James’s subjects seem to owe everything to nature, trees, leaves, water and organic shapes. But on closer inspection, faces, and bodies emerge from his canvases, telling intriguing stories and suggesting a wealth of emotions. An abstract form of surrealism, James likes to create images that are open to many different interpretations.

“I think art should feed the viewer, and the viewer should inspire the artist -  I see it is an interactive process.”

James has been living with this process almost from birth. Born into a creative environment in Stockholm, he immersed himself in painting, sculpture, ceramics and music. Studying art at Falmouth College of Arts and the Institute Superieur de Peinture in Belgium, he did a stint as a decorative artist before working up to become a full-time professional.


“I am inspired by the public’s reaction to my exhibitions. At one of them, I sold 16 paintings on the first day. It is a wonderful feeling - I see my clients as friends as they appreciate something very personal to me.”


Painting every day, he flits from his studio to his room, to the garden - depending on his mood, James enjoys experimenting with colour. “Colour is like grammar,” he muses...  The results of the evolution of James Hensher’s work are paying off; he was recently awarded a prize in the XXXI International Art Exhibition in Gibraltar. “The judge, Mr Mick Moon, said my technique reminded him of Gauguin...” reveals James with a hint of understandable satisfaction.

With further exhibitions planned in his native Stockholm and Marbella in the months to come, just like the garden in which he creates, James’s career continues to flourish.

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HOT Properties magazine Issue 60 - 2006

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