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Choosing a lender

Back in business!
After years of having the hatches firmly battened down, Spanish banks are lending once again... and this is great news for those looking to buy a home in the sun.

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Key features

VIVA have worked closely with many mortgage lenders on the Costa del Sol over the years, so we know what customers look for when it comes to choosing a lender. These key features include:

  • Getting professional, friendly and uncomplicated advice from a team of experts, in your own language
  • Being offered a wide range of mortgage solutions and competitive rates
  • Finding a mortgage lender with a strong and close partnership with a real estate agency, linking the process of finding and then financing a property
  • Getting a mortgage proposal that tells you how much you can borrow
  • Experiencing a bureaucracy-free process
  • Being helped and advised throughout the entire term of the mortgage by experts in the field

Reassuringly, UCI ticks all the boxes, and provide a fast and efficient mortgage approval service of up to 70% of the house purchase value. Explore the sections below to discover just why UCI comes highly recommended by VIVA.

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Need a quote? Have a question? Get in touch with UCI: