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Making the move to Spain!

We'll make your move to Spain a happy and successful one.
Here are a few guideline topics to help you on your way.


Bringing your pets to Spain

VIVA True Stories

VIVA clients tell their own stories... new country, opportunities and a new perspective.

True Life Stories True Life Stories

Residency or Non Resident?


If that is the question, then here
is all the info you'll need.

Becoming a Spanish resident

Retiring to the Costa...?


A lifetime of hard work deserves
a carefree retirement.

Retiring to Spain
Owning a holiday home in Spain

A holiday home in Spain
is always the No 1 choice

Every survey, every statistic points to Spain.
Here's why...

Owning a Spanish holiday home

Relocation, Relocation...!

Relocating from Abroad

Your decision is made so let's
take a look at what happens next.

Relocating to Spain

Bringing your pets to Spain


Don't worry, Felix and Rover
are just as welcome as you are.

Importing pets into Spain

Moving to the Costa del Sol


What more can we tell you?
A lot more is the answer.

Moving to Spain

Planning the move

Planning the move

Your checklist & access to our
helpful information pages.

Planning my move to Spain

Life in Spain: Bienvenido a la Costa del Sol!

Life in Spain

More outstanding facts, details and a diversity of subjects to view. It's all here
and so much more besides. Take a fresh look at our Life in Spain page.

Life in Spain

VIVA videos... preview the Costa

Viewing property with VIVA? Find more here
Finding what is most important to you

Your viewing schedule: Every type of property everywhere


Your visit: Helping you make the most of your time


Your purchase: Simple, safe, successful - transparent


Your lifestyle: A view to life on our beautiful Coast

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